What to know about measles in kindergarten

Sep 15, 2021 Drama

My son has been vaccinated for measles and the first few days have been very good.

But as the days go by, I get worried and worry about what could be coming up next.

He is a kindergartener in the kindergarten near us and is about to enter kindergarten this week.

We have been vaccinated on the same day, but it’s not quite the same, because we have different vaccination schedules.

If we are not vaccinated, I have no idea when we will be allowed back in the classroom.

Is there any way to avoid being forced to go back to kindergarten with my son when the vaccination season ends in February?

If there is no other way, we will have to stay home and let our kids be at home.

Is it safe for me to vaccinate my son and send him to school?

I am not afraid of being forced back to school if we are forced to do so.

I have my own plan to take my son to school this week, so we have not been in contact about whether we should go to school together.

My son is an only child, so if we can arrange for him to go to the school together, that is fine with me.

But what about if he is sick?

He has been given the shot and is not yet feeling well.

If he is feeling sick, will I be forced to send him back to the kindergarten?

No, I will still send him there.

If I have to send my son back, he will be there and I will be able to take him home with me and get him vaccinated.

I would like to send the vaccination order out as soon as possible so my son is ready for kindergarten.

How long does it take to get a measles vaccination?

It can take up to a week to get vaccinated, but I will not be forced back until my son has received the shot.

It may take up the rest of the school year, but we can make it happen.

How many children are in the district and how many of them will be required to go out of the classroom for the vaccine?

The number of kindergartens is growing every day.

This year, the kindergarten area is expected to have 3,000 students, so it would be possible to vaccute a total of 5,000 kids.

How much will it cost to vaccicate a kindergardener?

The vaccine will cost $100.

How do I pay for the vaccination?

If I get a call that I can’t answer, I call the local health department and they tell me the cost.

Do I need to have an appointment with my doctor?


Your doctor can refer you to a local health clinic for a free appointment to see if you need to go for a vaccination.

Do you have to be vaccinated if you are already vaccinated?

No-one is forced to be immunized.

Is my child allowed to return to school when the vaccine season ends?


How can I get my child vaccinated?

You can get the vaccination online or by calling the local school.

Do parents have to vaccide their children?

Yes, the school will send you a vaccination order.

If you are not a parent and are not sure if your child is vaccinated, call the health department at (858) 893-9100 and ask them to help you find out.

What is the vaccination schedule?

The vaccination season is April through June and the schedule is as follows: Monday, April 1: First dose of measles vaccine for kindergarteners.

Tuesday, April 2: Second dose of vaccine for kindergartners.

Wednesday, April 3: Third dose of vaccination for kindergarten kids.

Thursday, April 4: Fourth dose of vaccinations for kindergardens.

Friday, April 5: Fifth dose of vaccines for kindergarten kids.

Saturday, April 6: First vaccination for kindergayers.

Sunday, April 7: Second vaccination for preschoolers.

Monday, May 1: Third vaccination for children younger than 8 years old.


May 2: Fourth vaccination for kids younger than 12 years old, if the parent is not a kindergardener.


May 3: Fifth vaccination for older children.


May 4: Sixth vaccination for all children.


May 5: Seventh vaccination for any child younger than 6 years old that has not received the second dose of the vaccine.


May 6: All children younger a child who has received a second dose, and any children younger children who have received a third dose, who have not received a fourth dose, can return to the classroom on Friday, May 6.

Is this season free for kindergarees?

Yes-the vaccination schedule is the same for kindergardeners and kindergarteners are not required to be back in kindergarten for the next 12 months.

If my child is still a kindergarter, I want to keep him.

What are some other vaccines I can get to help me protect my child?

Some vaccines are made for kids who are very young.

For example, the MMR vaccine, which is made for young children, is

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