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When it comes to kindergarten, police in Rhode Island will be using the “K” word

Police in Rhode Islands will be turning to the “k” word to describe what they will be doing with their new mobile surveillance unit that they just installed in their local school.

“This is an initiative we have been working on for a few months now, but we have not had any success in getting the word ‘kinder gee’ to be part of the name,” said Superintendent of Schools Thomas O’Brien.

“I think the idea has been to get the word out that we are here to protect the students and keep them safe, and we are doing this by putting them in the right classroom.”

The unit has been put in place to provide a safer and more effective school environment for kids who have trouble making friends, and will allow police to monitor their social lives as well.

The new unit will also be able to help with the tracking of missing persons and other suspicious incidents.

The first class of students to get in line to receive their new unit are students in the sixth grade and up.

They will be given training on how to use the system, and also learn about its unique capabilities, including its “K.”

“It is a really unique and innovative system,” O’Brian said.

“We are hoping that students will see it as a tool that will allow them to do the right thing when they need to do that, to stay safe.”

Police say the new unit is a huge step forward in the fight against the growing crime and violence that is plaguing Rhode Island schools.

The unit has already helped police solve about a dozen homicides and five cases of school shootings.

The department hopes to increase its use of the unit as it tries to deal with the high number of student absences, the department said.

The unit is part of an effort to help police combat bullying and other school-related issues in Rhode Islanders school districts, including the one in Newport, which has been plagued by bullying and bullying-related incidents for years.

It’s also being used in other cities across the state.

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