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‘I have no idea what I’m going to do’: Kindergarten teacher leaves classroom


— As the parents of kindergartners begin to feel anxious, some of them are venting their frustration in a video.

The teacher who worked with the children was not present for the video and the parents have not been able to reach him.

The video has gone viral, making many people aware of what they are facing.

“I had no idea this was happening,” said one parent, whose 3-year-old son is one of the children.

“It was just a really rough time for us,” said another.

“My kids were having a hard time.”

Some parents are saying they did not receive the full picture and that they were not fully informed about what the school was doing when it decided to close schools, leaving them without any support.

The situation in Kindergarden, Mich., where children are in kindergarten for the first time, has caused some parents to worry about their children’s future.

The school is not accepting students from other schools in the area.

The teachers and administrators who work at the kindergarten are not in a position to discuss the situation, said Kristin Janssen, a spokeswoman for the school district.

The district’s goal is to keep children safe, Janssensaid.

“We’ve always tried to make sure that we’re providing the best possible educational experience for our students,” she said.

“We know it can be a challenging time for a child to transition into the new school environment.”

A teacher at a school in Michigan has resigned over concerns that a new school would be unsafe, and parents are questioning the school’s commitment to the safety of their children.

The teacher, who was not identified, told parents that he was working on a video for a children’s newspaper to highlight the safety issues of kindergarten.

It is a video about the safety and safety of kindergardens, which has been going viral on social media and in the media.

The video features a teacher telling parents that Kindergasm is “not for everyone,” which is an understatement.

Parents say that some of the videos are poorly shot, and that some parents are not being told that they will not be able to enroll their children at the new kindergarten.

Some are upset that their kids will be unable to go to Kindergause.

“You should be able for your kids to go,” one parent said.

“A lot of the parents are angry, and they’re not really being told,” said Jansensen.

“They’re not being informed about the consequences that are going to be there for them if they do not go.”

The district says that it is investigating what happened at the school and will take action if warranted.

The staff is working with the district to ensure that the safety measures it is implementing are safe, said Jonssen.

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