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Obama wants more teachers in kindergarten and early childhood education

JUNEAU, Alaska — The Obama administration is pushing to expand preschool programs and kindergarten teachers nationwide, with one-year extensions on the table.

The administration is proposing a “school-focused preschool expansion” that would allow preschool programs to offer a full year of preschool for up to three-years-old and up to six years old, the White House said Monday.

The proposal is part of a larger $1.6 trillion package of preschool investments that President Barack Obama is proposing to boost preschool funding.

The preschool expansion would not require additional federal funding, but it would likely increase the federal spending for preschool by about $1 trillion over the next decade.

The president’s plan would make preschool programs available to parents in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the territory of Guam.

The proposal would also expand the availability of preschool to children who are enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The White House says the expanded preschool programs would help to increase the number of children in kindergarten, early childhood, and early literacy programs, and to increase early childhood participation and participation in other types of programs, such as sports, arts and entertainment, and computer learning.

The goal is to have preschool programs open by 2022.

The program would be modeled after a model adopted in the early 2000s by the states of New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts.

The expanded preschool expansion also would expand preschool to schools in the lower-income areas of the country.

The plan also calls for a “vibrant” and “growing” public school system, which is not a part of the preschool expansion, the administration said.

The expansion would cover about 30 million children, according to the White Trump administration proposal.

More:Obama administration says preschool expansions ‘would be a key part of our long-term plan’ for preschool and Early Childhood educationRead more about preschool and early education.

The new preschool expansion was unveiled Monday by the White Senate and House of Representatives.

It also comes as the administration pushes to improve the delivery of preschool and other programs to low-income children.

A $250 billion expansion of the Head Start program, which helps low- and moderate-income preschoolers start kindergarten, is one of the administration’s top priorities.

The government also is expanding the availability and quality of preschool programs, including by making preschool accessible to all families.Read more:

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