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Why are so many teachers leaving classrooms?

A few years ago, the country of Laos experienced a similar migration of its teachers and school administrators.

They left their homes to become teachers, teachers to work in the schools and school to work for the government.

This was the beginning of a new era, with many of them now looking for new opportunities in the countryside.

In an article published in the online newspaper Lao Kieu, the author of the article, Mr. Moo Trong, talked about how the government was not as concerned about education and it was a lot easier for the school administrators to make money from the government, as they were not subject to the same rules as the teachers.

In fact, the Ministry of Education has the ability to set the minimum salaries of teachers.

But the Ministry is not interested in educating teachers.

As a result, most of the teachers left Laos for China, where they were trained and paid a lot less.

But this is not the only problem the government has.

Many of them are still living in Laos, and some of them have even become citizens of China.

The reason why the government is not worried about teachers in Laos is because they are not subject in any way to any government regulations.

The majority of the schools in Laos are run by private companies.

These companies do not have any official position and do not take any responsibility for the education of the students.

What are the problems with teachers leaving the classrooms?

The problem with teachers who have been working for the Ministry for a long time, is that they are still subject to any regulations.

They are also not able to be paid for their work.

In some cases, teachers have not been paid even after they had been working on a teaching position for a year or two.

In another example, the Minister of Education does not pay teachers for the first two years of their teaching jobs, as the government does not want to lose its money from these teachers.

These are the main problems that face teachers who are leaving the classroom.

It is not just teachers that are leaving classrooms, but also the entire school population.

Some teachers have left to go to work at construction sites, some have left because they had to retire early, and in some cases they have even retired in order to save money.

As the teacher population in Laos has grown, so has the number of teachers who leave their classrooms and head for China.

A lot of them do not know what to do, and are still stuck in the classrooms, working hard to earn enough money for their family to get back to their homes in Laos.

Many teachers who come to China to study are not even qualified to teach anymore, and many are not able even to learn basic English.

They have to go back to Laos to continue their education, and for many of the young students, this is the last chance they have to study in the country.