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Which kindergarten standards should parents look out for?

The state of California has been preparing to roll out its new kindergarten standards for the first time in more than a decade, and a new survey shows that some parents are worried about what they’ll find.

The survey by the California Department of Education (CED) found that more than 70% of parents in the state say they’re concerned about the new kindergarten standard.

Parents also said that the new standard is a step backward for their child, which is a big concern to many parents.

“I’m not going to sit here and say it’s perfect,” said a parent of a kindergartener.

“But it’s better than what we had before.

And I think parents need to know it’s a good thing.”

The survey also found that a majority of parents are concerned about their child’s grades in kindergarten.

“My daughter is struggling academically in kindergarten,” said another parent.

“I can’t even imagine what it would be like if her grade wasn’t good enough.

It’s something that should concern parents, but parents don’t want to know about it.”

A majority of the parents surveyed said that they were concerned about how they would prepare their children for kindergarten.

Of the parents who said they would be preparing their children to pass their state’s new kindergarten, 71% said that “they would need to prepare their child for kindergarten on a lower level than they do now, as well as prepare them for kindergarten in the special education environment.”

The CED survey was conducted between January and April this year, and it found that 73% of respondents said that children in kindergarten need to be taught better, and 43% said they need to work harder.

Of those who said that their children would need more help with math, the survey found that almost a quarter of respondents (23%) said that math would be harder in kindergarten, compared to 18% of those who answered that they would need less help with it.

Another report, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), found that parents were also worried about how their children are learning in kindergarten at the moment.

It found that 60% of the respondents were worried about their children’s grades.

Another survey by AP found that the most common concerns parents had about their kindergartners were:Difficulty in communicating with their child in the classroom”Too many distractions”They said that teachers need to make sure that children don’t have a lot of distractions during class, and that they need better strategies to deal with them.

The AAP has called for a kindergarten standards overhaul, and they said that parents should know that their child will be getting a good education in the new curriculum.

“Parents should be very concerned about what their children will be learning in this new curriculum,” said AAP President and CEO Ann McKee.

“Kindergarten teachers need the tools and the guidance to ensure that children are getting a quality education, and not just a standardized one.

Parents also need to realize that these standards are not going into kindergarten classrooms.

They are going into classrooms and classrooms that are currently being used by students who are learning to learn,” McKee added.

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